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'Fussy eater' (17) left blind and deaf after diet of chips, sausages and crisps

A teenager has been left blind and partially deaf after living off a diet of chips, sausages and crisps. The British 17-year-old’s diet was so bad he suffered from a condition normally only seen in malnourished third-world children. Researchers from Bristol Eye Hospital have published a report into the boy’s case, which believed to be the first… Read More »

US Teen Becomes Blind after Returning from Family Cruise, Doctors Baffled by the Girl’s Mysterious Illness

US Teen Jordyn Walker (Photo Credits: gofundme.com) Despite incredible improvements in health science, there are still a great number of medical mysteries, which sometimes are too complicated to understand. You may feel perfectly healthy one minute but wind up in the hospital with crippling pain and swelling the next. Case in point is a girl from… Read More »