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Online patient portal usage linked to higher rates of flu shots, blood pressure checks

Patients who use online patient portals are 50% more likely to get a flu shot and twice as likely to have their blood pressure checked as compared to patients who do not interact with these portals. A new Penn Medicine study, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, also showed that patients using portals… Read More »

Can Your Neighborhood Affect Your Blood Pressure?

Where you live affects your physical health in myriad ways, from exposure to pollution and access to green spaces to levels of crime in your neighborhood. Researchers revealed in the American Journal of Hypertension that living in a high-crime area is associated with increased blood pressure.1 The findings were revealed when researchers from the University… Read More »

9 Signs of Blood Cancer Doctors Usually Miss

Fatigue Prostock-studio/Shutterstock While you may write-off your exhaustion to a busy schedule or stressful workload, constant fatigue that isn’t getting better warrants a visit to your doctor to rule out something more serious. “When you’re not able to produce healthy red blood cells [as those with blood cancers can’t] you can develop anemia,” explains Dr.… Read More »