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Dementia poses ongoing challenge: Services, carers in need

Dementia service providers and carers are calling out for help now as predictions show rates of people living with the condition will double. Danielle Cetinski investigates. RESEARCHERS are throwing their weight behind finding better ways of diagnosing and treating dementia but with limited progress, the responsibility is falling on service providers to help patients and their… Read More »

Hearing loss and obesity among 12 factors that fuel dementia

Tens of thousands of people in Ireland are currently living with dementia. Stock picture Hearing loss and obesity among 12 factors that fuel dementia Independent.ie Twelve lifestyle choices and conditions that fuel dementia have been identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the most definitive list ever of how to avoid mental decline in… Read More »

Could Assisted Living Help Your Loved One Suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

When a parent or loved one gets on in age, the concern of who is going to help them and how becomes an ever-present worry. Perhaps the loved one in question is self-reliant and doesn’t require an ever-present caretaker to assist them. Maybe you were able to take on the responsibility of helping them out.… Read More »