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10 important roles for today’s health info management pros

Health information management professionals have seen their job roles evolve in recent years. They’re no longer just mere number-crunchers, keepers of the records and claims coding gurus. Now, they’re taking on expanded responsibility to ensure the quality and security of data, while ensuring that it gets to those who need it. With the widespread use… Read More »

Health Catalyst IPO: U.S. healthcare ‘just scratching the surface’ of data-driven improvements

Shares of Salt Lake City-based analytics vendor Health Catalyst began trading on NASDAQ on Thursday. The initial public offering had been a long time coming. Way back in 2015, Healthcare IT News reported that the firm was eyeing an IPO, as it made inroads with blue chip clients such as Kaiser and Partners and its… Read More »

The many potential health benefits of curcumin

Table of Contents Studies regarding the benefits of curcumin Sources of curcumin and how you can increase your levels naturally Some considerations before buying a curcumin supplement Keep an eye out for these side effects of curcumin When supplementing with curcumin, use high-quality products only Frequently asked questions about curcumin Spices are one of the… Read More »