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All healthcare is local: Blue Shield of California and L.A. Care invest $146 million in community health

Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan and the L.A. Care Health Plan are investing $ 146 million in Los Angeles area resource centers to address the social determinants of health for over 1 million people. The five-year funding commitment will support 14 community resource centers and leverage personalized technology solutions to improve health and … Read More »

Health Catalyst IPO: U.S. healthcare ‘just scratching the surface’ of data-driven improvements

Shares of Salt Lake City-based analytics vendor Health Catalyst began trading on NASDAQ on Thursday. The initial public offering had been a long time coming. Way back in 2015, Healthcare IT News reported that the firm was eyeing an IPO, as it made inroads with blue chip clients such as Kaiser and Partners and its… Read More »

Joe Biden unveils healthcare plan casting ‘Medicare for all’ as ‘getting rid of Obamacare’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden released a healthcare proposal Monday that cast the “Medicare for all” approach of others running for the nomination as “starting from scratch” and an attack on the signature achievement of his former boss. The former vice president, who told President Barack Obama when he signed the healthcare law that it… Read More »