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Adult acne sufferer has to prove that she’s ‘cured’ after people call her a liar

Acne doesn’t just affect your skin, it can knock your self-esteem. Despite a ranger of purported treatments and cures available (a number of which have adverse side-effects), many adults who suffer from acne and problem skin rely on make-up. So when someone overcomes adult acne, then the response should be one of happiness for them.… Read More »

Vegan diet promoted by Beyoncé may be ‘dangerous’ for normal people, dietitians warn

‘Dangerous’ 22-day diet plan of vegan recipes promoted by Beyoncé ‘does not contain enough iron, protein and vitamin B12’, leading dietitians warn The 22 Days Nutrition plan cuts out carbohydrates and sugar as well as meat Beyoncé reportedly followed it for more than two months after giving birth But there are concerns it may only… Read More »