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Should I participate in a cardiac rehabilitation program?

Cardiac rehabilitation (CR), or “cardiac rehab,” is a multifaceted, medically supervised program proven to improve heart health and outcomes in people with certain types of cardiovascular disease. CR revolves around three major components: an individualized exercise and training program, education on topics related to heart health, and stress reduction. CR is currently recommended for the… Read More »

Why You Should Think Twice Before Touching Air Vents on a Plane

Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock You’ll never look at this airplane surface the same way again. Cramming hundreds of people into a tight space for hours is going to spread germs. Airplanes, like most forms of public transportation, are ideal places for bacteria to thrive. And while you may not need warnings about how gross the airplane bathroom is,… Read More »

Exercise bikes vs. treadmills: Which one should you use for your fitness goals?

by Sofia Alves It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to gain some muscle, prepare for an athletic competition, or simply lose weight – cardio is important. It’s vital for the health of your cardiovascular system (hence the name), it is important for the reduction of heart disease and stroke risks, and it increases your lung… Read More »