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420 History: Why This Day and Date Is Synonymous to the Cannabis Culture? Know the History of Weed Day

Representational Image (Photo Credits: unsplash.com) There is a different feeling in the air. Pot lovers enthusiastically will get together to roll, inhale and hold, exhale and smile, and let the air filled with calm and serenity. While this could be done at any time of the day, but April 20, gives it a slight diverse… Read More »

Grab Your Best Gym Buddy for This Ab Smasher

Unless you’re a true loner, you probably hit the gym with a lifting buddy whenever you can make your schedules match up. Working out together is great for plenty of reasons—you always have a spotter on hand for heavy lifts, a hype man to help you push through the toughest reps, and, most importantly, someone… Read More »