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Medical News Today: How Pokémon characters can help us understand the brain

Researchers from Stanford University in California have found that extensive exposure to video games, such as Pokémon, during childhood activates certain regions of the brain. A recent study used Pokémon to inform neuroscience. Pokémon is a media franchise that dates back to 1995. It involves fictional creatures called “Pokémon.” Players have to catch and train… Read More »

UBH Slammed By Judge For Fiduciary Failure: Can The Case Help Us Understand Corporate Greed?

Greed is a powerful motivator, but it can’t act alone. What psychological mechanisms make it possible for greed to drive corporate policy even when the consequences may include loss of human life? A blistering 106-page decision issued earlier this week by Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero of the Northern District of California in a consolidated class action suit… Read More »