Woman Finds Live Larva Burrowed Inside Forehead After Returning From Uganda Trip

By | January 30, 2019
Woman Finds Live Larva Burrowed Inside Forehead After Returning From Uganda Trip

Live maggot in forehead. (Photo Credit: Pixabay for representational purposes only)

In a bizarre incident, a British woman returned from her Uganda trip with a live baby fly inside her forehead. As weird as it sounds the incident really took place. About 9 days after the 55-year-old woman returned from the trip she saw a swollen lump on her forehead and went to the emergency room. The doctors, however, sent her back home after treating her with antibiotics for an infected insect bite that caused the lump. Four-Month-Old Iowa Baby Died of Diaper Rash Which Was Covered with Maggots, Parents Charged with Murder.

The treatment didn’t help and, in fact, the woman returned to the emergency room with worsened symptoms. The swelling on her forehead increased tremendously also affecting her eyelids. She was experiencing terrible pain in the area as well. The doctors examined the lump closely and figured out that the lump had a little opening in the centre of the bump having a watery discharge. The woman was admitted to the hospital and doctors noted that her problem was related to her recent travel as something like that was not commonly seen in England.

It was later clarified by the lead case report author Dr Farah Shahi, an infectious-disease specialist at York Teaching Hospital in the U.K. that the hole in the lump was actually a breathing hole for a little fly or maggot. As an initial treatment, the doctors applied petroleum jelly on the opening, also called a “punctum” to restrict the source of air for the insect. This would also make the insect move closer to the surface of the skin so that it is easier to remove after which the maggot was soon removed from the woman’s forehead.

It was later found out that the live maggot was a Lund’s fly (Cordylobia rodhaini), a species native to the African rainforests that rarely infest people, however, in this case, it did.

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